Is it a Leather Tote or a  Shoulder Bag?

Is it a Leather Tote or a Shoulder Bag?

Posted by Marlie & Co. on 22nd May 2014

A Leather handbag is a “necessary” accessory to complete a great outfit.  

For handbag lovers one Designer Leather Handbag is never enough - we need bags for every occasion. It is our belief you need at the very least a large, practical tote or shoulder bag, a clutch purse for evenings and a medium sized bag which is versatile to take you from day to evening.

So can you tell your Messenger from a Satchel or a Bucket from a Tote?  No? Well let us give you a rundown. 

  •  Baguette: We are not talking about the bread stick, but this style of bag was named for its shape that reflects   the "French loaf". It usually has a short shoulder strap and is of small to medium size. 
  •  Box Bag: Often doubling up as a vanity case, this style was popularized in the 1950s. Box bags were  named after  their cigar box shape.
  • Bucket bag: This bag emerged in 1933, providing a popular, fun style which broke with tradition. Based on the shape of a bucket, produced mostly in leather.
  • Clutch Purse:  Designed to be held or tucked underneath the arm. The clutch bag has become just as versatile for daytime as eveningwear, and oversized clutches are now hitting the runways in line with today’s current trend for big bags.
  • The Hobo: A soft, slouchy, often half moon shaped shoulder bag.
  • The Messenger:  This large, usually soft shoulder bag is based on the traditional messenger bags that couriers or postmen carry.
  • The Murse or Manbag: A man’s purse which is fast becoming a hot fashion item for men owing both to their practicality and street cred. Manbags are right on trend.
  • The Pouch: A soft, small bag, often with a drawstring,originally designed to be worn underneath clothing in the early 1900s.  Today, mainly used as an evening wear accessory.
  • Saddle Bags: As it's name suggests, the shape is based on a horse's saddle - a shoulder bag with a long front flap, practical hold-all for everyday.
  • The Satchel: Medium to large, square or rectangular shaped bag with a short and long strap.
  • Tote bags: A staple accessory of  any woman’s wardrobe. The Tote bag has a large open top with two straps or handles, popular for casual wear.  A Tote bag is also often refered to as a Shopper bag. 
  • Duffle Bag: A large long, cylinder shape, has long handles attached at the top running to the bottom of the bag. Often used as a Sports bag.
  • Shoulder Bag : Any shaped bag with shoulder straps that doesn’t come under any of the other description.
  • Hold-all:  A large, spacious bag with long or short handles. Often used as an overnight or weekends away bag.