Product Care

All our handbags are made from Genuine Leather.

Leather is a natural material and therefore inconsistencies of texture and colour makes each hide unique. Leather is designed to soften over time and colours may fade.  Extra care should be taken with light color leather as it can be prone to absorbing other dye stuff eg. rubbing against demin jeans.


To keep your leather handbag looking it's best, please follow the steps below.


Marlie & Co. recommends a good protector be applied regularly and before first use to help resist the effects of daily soiling.  Remember to cover any embellishments such as metal and beading when spraying the protector. Spraying with the protector can help to prevent light color leathers absorbing unstable dye stuffs such as denim.  Always take extra care when wearing light colored leather handbags with dark denim.


Most leather can be cleaned.  Visit your local shoe repairer to find the most suitable product. Always test it first and remember to protect your item again after cleaning. Dirt can usually be dabbed off with damp cloth on our pebbled leather handbags - do not rub.


Leather conditioner contains  fats or oils that help to replenish the suppleness of the leather.  Leather conditioners can be used on most pebble and smooth leathers but should NOT be used on any suede, metallic, pearlised, embossed or patent leathers. Ensure you test first on an inconspicuous part of the leather before applying.


We recommend storing your leather handbag in your Marlie & Co. dust bag when not in use.  Always store them in a cool, dry place away from heat. Do not store in plastic bags as the leather needs to breath